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Healthwatch Annual Conference

Using innovative Bluetooth iBeacon technology to bring events to life.
Consumer champion for health and social care, Healthwatch was the first organisation to get a taste of the latest ground breaking innovation from event partner, the Live Group at its July annual conference. This major event for Healthwatch saw eager delegates getting out their smartphones and tablets to use Live Group’s event app, which now features the company’s own newly launched Indoor Positioning System (IPS). This year’s conference was about providing a unique opportunity for bringing all local Healthwatch together in one place, enabling them to recognise the impact of the network and highlight the value of working together to give patients, care users and the public a strong and united voice in health and social care. The IPS furthered this ambition in enabling delegates to find and connect with each other more easily and quickly as well as locate specific meeting rooms and exhibitors throughout the venue. Through interactive workshop sessions, delegates also used the app to work on activities intended to help tackle the key challenges facing the network, identifying and discussing what matters to them most, as well as sharing examples of best practice from across the network.  
“The use of the event app’s locator functionality gave far greater depth and flexibility to our event. It has the potential to make the day so much more comfortable and involving, so much easier to find your way around. Delegates can download documents, take notes, send messages to each other, track down people they want to meet. As an early adopter, it was so exciting to see its potential for a range of future events. It was two days of seeing technology really bringing an agenda to life.”   Sara Cain, Head of Communications, Healthwatch