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Investors in People Outperformance Roadshow

Injecting interactive technology to invigorate debate.

“Timescales are tight. Our plans are ambitious. We only have one chance to get this right. We need an organisation with scale, a track history of results, and the ability to work with us – not for us.”

This was the brief which the Live Group began working on in early 2015, just months before a back-to-back roadshow had to be delivered for Investors in People, established in 1991 by the UK government to set the standard for people management. However in the fog of winter when the brief was first debated, details were still being debated. No venues or materials were finalised and no audience or speakers had been recruited.

One thing was for certain however: these were events with a real purpose. They had to contextualise the research for the updated Investors in People Standard sixth generation, due for launch in August 2015, highlighting the extensive literature review that had taken place. What’s more, using case studies and presentations from renowned experts and leading industry figures, the events had to show employers how developing the culture of continuous improvement for high performance was something worth doing. Because it matters, not just financially, but in terms of gaining increased customer satisfaction, greater customer and employee loyalty and a higher quality of goods and services for sustainable success.

We came up with the idea of hosting the events in partnership with the Gold IIP award-winning Las Iguanas restaurant chain, with whom they brokered a deal to host all but one as breakfast meetings in city-centre restaurants. The use of IIP-accredited venues gave an immediate working context to the subject matter, saved on venue hire and provided a lively and unusual environment for the invited audience of business leaders and HR Directors.

The events were all facilitated by renowned performance coach Jim Steele and a compelling choice of speakers included the inspirational Team GB cycling coach Sir Dave Brailsford, Peter Cheese CEO of the CIPD, Dr Andre de Waal Academic Director at the HPO Centre, and Paul Devoy Head of Investors in People. Keen to inject as much interactivity as possible, we provided our event app, which let delegates view materials in advance on their own devices and to network with other delegates before they had even set foot in the venue. In London there was also a ‘photo upload wall’ comprising a slideshow of uploaded images, photographs and comments submitted by delegates.

Business audiences are always hard to recruit, but a concerted audience recruitment campaign alongside the strength of the IIP brand saw to it that all of the events were oversubscribed. Indeed in some Las Iguanas venues it was quite a squeeze! The relaxed setting combined with Jim Steele’s determination to get the audience fully involved served to create a lively environment, which the delegate feedback, and comments on Twitter, illustrated.

I’d like to thank the Live Group team for their organization, determination and professionalism when pulling off a seemingly impossible task under extremely tight timescales. Their flexibility and adaptability in a changing brief combined with their ‘can-do’ attitude made them a pleasure to work with. The final events were a great success and created a positive sentiment for the Investors in People brand.

Leanne Attridge, Marketing Manager, Investors in People