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ISUOG World Congress 2014

Tailor made to maximise the audience

The International Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynaecology World Congress is a forum for the dissemination of the highest quality research and clinical guidance in the field of ultrasound in obstetrics and gynaecology. With more than 7,500 members worldwide, this annual congress relies upon the efficient delivery of online and digital-file sharing platforms to ensure its dispersed audience is fully included.

Our first event for ISUOG saw us being asked to provide a tailored solution which would allow high quality content to be made available swiftly and accessibly to a 2000-strong audience in Barcelona as well as to the wider ISUOG membership. Throughout the conference we supported speakers, live streaming, and the capturing and editing of every presentation delivered.

Right from registration members could also upload and view presentations ranging from 30-minute keynote sessions to two-minute, single-slide PowerPoints. In all a staggering 1486 presentations were collated using our own presentation management software.

At the venue members could watch any presentations they had missed on touch screen terminals. Of the 100s of presentations ultimately delivered, each one was also captured on video, before being edited and uploaded online 12 hours after it had been given, for live viewing right up until next year’s event in Montreal. All were categorised and tagged by topic, theme, speaker and other relevant information, allowing members to search and find presentations of interest to them easily and quickly.

The team also webcast six different sessions and created an ISUOG World Congress app for use on the audience’s own smart devices. This meant that delegates could access the agenda, read information about the speakers, view and engage in forums and watch videos of previous presentations.


“We’d worked with the Live Group on a whole range of projects in recent years and been impressed by their customer drive, knowledge of event communications and digital event solutions, which they produce themselves. We recommended them to ISUOG, a client we had worked with for over 10 years for their annual Congress – not least because it’s a client with a very complex presentational requirement that few companies would have been able to manage well, but also because we knew they could come up with a solution on a tight budget.”

Scott Tompkins, Owner, Insync Productions Ltd