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NARPO 2015 - Audience Engagement Just Got Better

Extending the event from a one-day affair into a lifelong resource

Having provided production services to the National Association of Retired Police Officers Annual Conference for the first time last year, 2015 saw us maximise the interactive webcasting element via comprehensive pre-event promotion by NARPO in their bi-monthly magazine, social media sites and on their website. On the day we were on hand to integrate the technology fully into the content of the day, and to oversee all elements, including show calling.

Then, after the event, we produced a professional edit of the conference for NARPO’s YouTube site, which now serves as a lasting resource. Our efforts resulted in more independent logins from members, and an increased reach, with over 500 independent views.

The client declared afterwards: “From my point of view my stress levels are not what they used to be. I have a great deal of confidence in the whole Live Group team, whom I have found to be very professional and efficient. If anything is called for it’s dealt with in the a most satisfactory manner.”